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 David Gideon Smith

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PostSubject: David Gideon Smith   David Gideon Smith Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2015 1:38 am

Basic Information
  • Name: David Gideon Smith
  • Age (DOB): 28 (05/14/1986)
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 239 lbs.
  • Billed From: Omaha, NE
  • Picture Base: Josh Holloway
    David Gideon Smith JoshHolloway2

Gimmick Information
  • Additional Billing: DGS
  • Alignment: Heel
  • IOPW Affiliation:
  • Biography: Many wrestlers have laid claim to the title of "Best Wrestler in the World", but the man known worldwide by his initials - DGS - is not one of them. If asked, he would say that this world and his are not the same, and that to be considered the best in today's wrestling world would, to him, be an insult. If pressed, he would say that he belongs to a different world, that he's the best of a world yet to come, only glimpsed upon stepping into the ring with him. And watching him in the ring, putting a world’s worth of power and an eternity’s worth of knowledge to work, it’s hard not to believe him.
  • Championship History:
  • Entrance Theme: Celldweller - ”Razorface”, occasionally preceded by ”Faction 09”
  • Entrance:The lights go down as the low drone of "Razorface" rumbles through the arena. Random pulses and strobes of light flare across the Tron and throughout the rafters, eventually localizing to the center of the Tron as a white pulse that grows brighter and faster in time with the sonar-beep of the track. This builds to a synthetic dirge, accompanied by orchestral strings, that signals the arrival of David Smith: he paces slowly out onto the stage, garbed in boots, tights, and a sleeveless compression shirt patterned after a black suit of armor, his face concealed by a tattered, hooded poncho.

    Smith pauses at the top of the ramp, staring out from under his hood down at the ring. Then, after a moment, he starts down the ramp, not once breaking stride as he reaches the outside mats, ascends the steel steps, and enters through the ring ropes. He crosses the ring and goes up to the second turnbuckle, where he tosses back his hood and scans the crowd like a hawk before hopping down to the mat, removing and tossing the poncho to the outside, and limbering up.

Wrestling Information
  • Wrestling Style: Puro/Strong Style/Technical/Submission
  • Primary Finisher: Spear
  • Secondary Finisher(s):
    • Sovereign – Vertical Single-Underhook Suplex dropped into a Falling Ganso Bomb
    • Blackstar – One-Shoulder Gutwrench Powerbomb twisted and dropped into a Sitout Side Piledriver
    • Eschaton – Wicked Gogoplata
    • Howling Dark – Rear Naked Choke
    • First Sin – Kimura/Americana
    • Abysswalker – Inverted Figure-Four Calf Slicer

  • Signature Moves:
    • Augur’s Eye – Modified Swinging Lifting Reverse STO
    • Last Word – Discus Lariat
    • Fatebringer – Yakuza Kick
    • Knowhere – Shiranui Elbow Drop
    • Dreadnought – Leaping, Springboard, or Diving Double Stomp to the head
    • Nova Bomb – Bridging Package Powerbomb
    • Warhammer – Overhead Uranage
    • Obsidian Mind – Over-the-Shoulder Back-to-Belly Neckbreaker
    • The Ram – High-Impact Elbow Smash
    • Mark of the Forlorn – High-Impact Running Knee Strike to the head of a kneeling opponent

  • Base Moveset:
    • Assorted Strikes (Forearms, Knife-Edge/Mongolian Chops, Elbow Strikes, Shoot Kicks)
    • Assorted Suplex Variations (German, Backdrop, Northern Lights, Dragon, Exploder)
    • Assorted Throws and Takedowns (Arm Drag, Hip Toss, Single/Double Leg, Dragon Screw, etc.)
    • Somersault Leg Drop
    • Cannonball Senton; often executed to an opponent seated in the corner
    • Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker
    • Swinging Neckbreaker
    • Facebreaker Knee Smash
    • Flapjack
    • Snap Scoop Powerslam
    • Sitout Rear Matslam; often executed as a counter
    • Falcon Arrow
    • Fisherman Buster
    • Running Tossing Powerbomb into the turnbuckles, ring apron, steel steps, or crowd barricade
    • Rope-Hung DDT
    • Double Leg Slam
    • Spinning Backfist
    • Jumping Enzuigiri
    • Spinning Heel Kick
    • Rolling Sole Kick
    • Armtrap Triangle Choke
    • Omoplata/Marceloplata/Baratoplata with repeated elbow strikes to the head
    • Full Nelson; often transitioned into a Lotus Lock for greater leverage
    • Gory Special
    • Armbar and Kneebar Variations (Rolling, Cross, Fujiwara)
    • Springboard Missile Dropkick to the back of the head
    • Slingshot Somersault Senton
    • Suicide Somersault Plancha (Tope Con Hilo)

Character Information
  • Always maintains his composure. Has a poker face that is almost impossible to crack, and almost exclusively responds to insults, surprises, bad news, et cetera. with little more than cold, calculating stoicism.
  • Has a very strict code of honor, and will never cheat, back down, or try to talk his way out of a fight. Within the confines of the rules, however, he will absolutely maul his opponents - this includes holding on to submissions until four, targeting injured body parts, and using the environment to his advantage.
  • Outside of a match, will never put hands on a woman.
  • Almost never goes to the top rope. His aerial offense is extremely limited and rarely utilized.
  • Rarely plays defense. Prefers to offensively, athletically, and technically overwhelm his opponents, and focus on dealing extreme damage before finishing them off with a high-impact killing blow.
  • Will finish the vast majority of matches with the Spear, or occasionally certain Signature Moves. Anything listed as a Secondary Finisher is capable of causing serious injury and ending matches extremely quickly, and is thus reserved only for special circumstances, big matches, etc.
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David Gideon Smith
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