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 Chapter One; Shattered Dreams

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Desmond Knight

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Chapter One; Shattered Dreams Empty
PostSubject: Chapter One; Shattered Dreams   Chapter One; Shattered Dreams Icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2015 11:57 am

OOC: Not my best of work, but something to get me started. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thursday April 7th, 2014, 1900 hours
Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England
Chesterfield Hospital

[[Our story begins here at the Chesterfield Hospital in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England. We come  to see one of wrestling most recognizable names laid up asleep in one of the hospital beds, that individual being none other then "The King of Cinema" Thaddeus Stone.

Standing outside his hospital room is none other then his longtime friend Desmond Knight, Knight can be seen having dark brown neatly trimmed short hair cut in a military style crew cut. He can be seen having thick dark brown eyebrows and ice cold emerald green eyes which can be seen starring from out under his thick eyebrows.

Knight can be seen dressed in an all black business suit, and most likely the suit isn't cheap seeing how the cufflinks can be seen being costume made, underneath the black jacket of Knight, Desmond can be seen wearing a white button up dress shirt. As Knight stands at the doorway of the very man he works for, a doctor comes walking on up to him.]]  

Doctor: "Ah I see you're still here eh Des?"

[[Questioned the doctor as he questioned the brute of a man that is Desmond Knight who guarded the room of the professional wrestler.]]

Desmond Knight: "That I am, after all that is my job..."

Doctor: "So is Thaddeus awake right now?"

Desmond Knight: "Last I knew he was asleep, let me check to see if he is doc."

[[Desmond said as he peeped his head inside the hospital room, where his boss Thaddeus Stone could be seen lay resting inside. As he did, Thaddeus signaled for his to come on inside.]]

Desmond Knight: "Yea doc he just awoken it seems."

[[Desmond said as he turned back around to face the doctor.]]

Doctor: "Good because I unfortunately have to be the one to break the bad news to him."

Desmond Knight: "Bad news?"

Doctor: "Yes, unfortunately Desmond..."

[[The doctor says as he walks into the hospital room of the wrestling sensation that be Thaddeus Stone.]]

Doctor: "Evening Thad."

Thaddeus Stone: "Evening doc."

[[Thaddeus could be heard saying in pain as he sat up to hear the news the doctor had to give him.]]

Doctor: "..."

Thaddeus Stone: " Well doc what is it?"

Doctor: "Well Thad after reviewing your x-ray of your neck, it saddens me to tell you this but if decide to continue competing you'll end up in an early grave."

Thaddeus Stone: "What are you saying doc, are you saying if I continue to wrestle I could die?"

Doctor: "That is exactly what I am saying Thad."

Thaddeus Stone: "You're kidding right doc?"

Doctor: "I'm sorry but I am afraid I am not Thad, if you continue you'll die..."

[[With sadness in his eyes, Thaddeus' head drops from the news he'd just been given.]]

Doctor: "I'm horribly sorry Thaddeus."

[[As the doctor says that, Thaddeus raises his head and stares up at the doctor with anger in his eyes.]]

Thaddeus Stone: "Get out!!!"

Doctor: "Excuse me?"

Thaddeus Stone: "I said get out, now GET OUT!!!"

[[Thaddeus said demanding the doctor to leave his presence at once.]]

Thaddeus Stone: "Desmond..."

[[Thaddeus called for as he sat laying in his bed sadden by the news of his career being cut short, all because of a neck injury he suffered while performing inside the square circle.]]

Desmond Knight: "You called for me boss?"

Thaddeus Stone: "That I did Desmond. My career is over..."

Desmond Knight: "What are you talking about Thad, Over?"

Thaddeus Stone: "Yes, over as I was just told my the doctor, though if and if you'd like I have an offer for you?"

Desmond Knight: "Which would be?"

[[Thaddeus smiles as he looks at his body guard that be Desmond Knight.]]

Thaddeus Stone: "What if I was to tell you, you can live the very life I had done."

Desmond Knight: "I'd say you were a fool of a man Thad!"

Thaddeus Stone: "Oh but I am not Desmond, so what do you say?"

Desmond Knight: "Ok, sounds good to me, never pictured myself as a professional wrestler before..."

Thaddeus Stone: "Good, from here on out you will be my champion. You will fight for me and serve as my prize champion Desmond..."

[[Thaddeus says as he signals Desmond to close the hospital room door, before going into further details.]]
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Chapter One; Shattered Dreams
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