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 Desmond Knight; "The Prize Champion"

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Desmond Knight

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PostSubject: Desmond Knight; "The Prize Champion"   Desmond Knight; "The Prize Champion" Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2015 5:16 pm

Basic Information

  • Name: Desmond Knight
  • Age (DOB): 29 (August 13, 1986 or so it's rumored.)
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 248 lbs.
  • Billed From: Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England
  • Picture Base: Brutus Magnus ((TNA))
    Desmond Knight; "The Prize Champion" Magnus-tna-superstar-7

Gimmick Information

  • Additional Billing:  "The Modern Day Gladiator", "The Prize Champion", “Knockout Supreme”, "England's Finest"  
  • Alignment: Mega Heel
  • IOPW Affiliation: Thaddeus Stone
  • Biography: Most if not all of Desmond Knight's past is not known to many people and he prefers it that way. Though what is known about Knight, is that he was born on August 13, 1986 or so it is believed due to his age and appearance though that isn't certain seeing how he was found abandoned at the doorstep of a local Pub in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England. It is believed because of this that Knight has no remorse for anyone seeing how they, meaning whoever his biological parents were didn't have any remorse for him when he was born, having abandoned him on the doorsteps of a local Pub. Anyways enough about that, Knight was taken in by the pub owner who raised Knight as his very own.

    Knight having came about the sport of underground fighting while attending a unauthorized/unsanctioned bout with the pub owner that be his adopted father Lawrence Knight, thus this sparked an interest in Knight. Knight would begin his training in hopefully one day becoming a fighter like the ones he witnessed as a young pup. Having took up courses and sessions at local fighting training gyms, Knight slowly begin to craft himself into the cold hearted, cruel, out for blood deadly striker we've come to know before us today.

    Knight slowly begin to gain fame through the underground fighting scene, it was also during this time his underground fighting career would end due to local authorities putting an end to the Scene. Though Knight however did catch the attention of one of England's most recognized professional wrestlers, it was during this time he’d be given an offer, and an offer unlike no other, he’d become the personal body guard of one of wrestling's most recognizable names in the sport of professional wrestling, that name being  "The King of Drama" Thaddeus Stone.

    After months of working as Stone's personal body guard and personal enforcer, Stone and Knight began to bond and bond they did forming a brotherly like love for one another, it would be during this time that Thaddeus would come to make Desmond his prize fighter, fighting on behalf of himself due to Stone having been forced into early retire from the sport he loved, that sport being professional wrestling due to a spinal injury he had suffered during a wrestling match. Once a underground fighter, now a professional wrestler...

  • Championship History: n/a

  • Entrance Theme: Black Veil Brides - "Perfect Weapon"
  • Entrance:The Lights throughout the entire International Order of Pro Wrestling arena dim simultaneously on out throughout the entire arena as it plunges into darkness "Perfect Weapon" by Black Veil Brides begins to blare on out of the sound system across the arena. As it does a white strobe light flickers on and can be seen throughout the arena as if on cue, out of nowhere Desmond Knight appears and can be seen swinging around to face the fans.

    Knight paces the entrance isle, left to right as he does the fans of IOPW can be heard booing him, various chants of "Knight sucks", along with "Go back to England" can be heard along with various jeers, and remarks of disdain, before finally retaking center stage.

    Corrine Avila: “Weighing in tonight at Two-hundred and Forty-Eight pounds, he stands approximately Six foot Three inches in height. He hails from Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England he is... “THE PRIZE CHAMPION" DEEEEESMOND KKKKKKNIGHT!!!!!”

    Knight slowly walks down the entrance isle, as he does he stands in the center of the isle, white piercing light comes shinning down upon him and illuminating his figure which can be seen being illuminating under the light as he stands in the entrance isle looking out into the darkness that surrounds them for a few seconds.

    As Knight does he can be seen wearing his signature black jacket which can be seen being draped over top of him as it can be seen being lit up under the white light, Desmond soaks in the boos, and jeers, and chants of despise from the fans. His eyes burn with intensity and hatred towards those booing him, his body pounding with adrenaline and blood lust on his mind as he makes his way down to the ring.

    Knight slowly walks on down the isle, once at ringside he walks around to the steel steps and slowly walks on up them, before entering the ring finally. Once inside the ring he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and throws out his arms ((Viva Randy Orton)) as he continues to soak in the jeers, and disdain from the fans at ringside and those that can be heard throughout the arena being shown toward him as he waits for his opponent to come on out from behind the black curtain to do battle.

Wrestling Information

  • Wrestling Style: Powerhouse | Striker | Submission

  • Primary Finisher:
    "Knight Fall" - Fireman's carry dropped into a knee lift

  • Secondary Finisher(s):
  • "Knightmare" - Crossface/Scissored armbar combination
  • "All Hail the Queen - Modified Elevated Boston crab

  • Signature Moves:
  • "Hollow point" - Hammerlock legsweep DDT
  • "Royal Mutilation" - Double Knee Facebreaker
  • "Event Horizon" - Arm trap seated abdominal stretch
  • "Knight Terrors - Clutch inverted facelock camel clutch

  • Base Moveset:
  • Rotating vertical suplex
  • Sit-out Jawbreaker
  • Delayed vertical suplex
  • European Uppercuts (Many variations)
  • Hard Knee Lift to Opponent's Jaw
  • Reverse STO into middle turnbuckle
  • Snow Trapping Headbutts
  • Falling Thrust Spinebuster
  • Double knee backbreaker
  • Gutwrench Powerbomb
  • Exploder Suplex
  • Heavy Running Lariat
  • Second Rope Apron Suplex
  • Falling Thrust Spinebuster
  • Armbar Takedown
  • Step-up enzuigiri
  •  Repeated Elbows
  • Corner Body Punch Flurry
  • Multiple kick variations

Character Information

  • Will be arrogant in the ring, trash talk his opponent/ fan/ even a innocent bystander viva la camera man.
  • Will show his arrogance and cockiness.
  • Will push rope-breaks to the 5-count , and often have to be forced off of his opponent.
  • Will show no remorse to his opponent or whoever he’s inside the ring with, unless it’s an official.
  • Will flaunt and taunt the crowd, just to get a reaction out of them.
  • Will push the rules to the limits.
  • Wont show any mercy while the match is going on.
  • Wont show any remorse for his actions nor feel any guilt for his actions.
  • Wont ever pander to the crowd, in any shape or form.
  • Wont ever turn his back on his trainers, or his coach.
  • Wont disobey or go against his manager Thaddeus Stone's wishes.
  • Wont ever shake his opponents hand before or after a match. Maybe after a grueling feud, then maybe he’ll shake his opponent’s hand, but not likely.
  • Wont show his opponent any kind of respect, before, during or after a match. Maybe after a grueling feud he might show an opponent some respect, but not likely.

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Desmond Knight; "The Prize Champion"
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