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 IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

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PostSubject: IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs)   IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2015 12:08 am

The following are various staff and supporting characters that comprise IOPW. These are non-player characters, and with one exception are not to be used or represented in promos, on-card segments, or otherwise without explicit permission from the Fed Admin. Violation of this rule will incur consequences both in-character and out-of-character.

IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs) 1343166491_christian-467

Kyle Mathic (Christian Bale)
IOPW Commissioner

IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Hottest-boston-athlete-tom-brady

Joel Easton (Tom Brady)
Play-by-Play Commentator

IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Titus-ONeil

Edward Royce (Titus O‘Neil)
Color Commentator

IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Maria-menounos-1-768

Artemisia Hewley (Maria Menounos)
Backstage Interviewer (Travels with the IOPW road crew, and only operates at live events.)

IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Aaron%2BEckhart%2BOlympus%2BFallen%2BPremiere%2BHollywood%2BK2dVCu0_FHfl

Walter O'Toole (Aaron Eckhart)
Traveling Interviewer (Operates independently of the road crew, beyond the arenas.)
This is the only NPC on this list who may be used in promos without explicit permission from the Fed Admin.

IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Latest?cb=20140416051307

Corinne Avila (Yvonne Strahovski)
Ring Announcer

IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs) 8fcbac69-9163-42cd-9e10-fd4eccd0ba50_zpsk2eu30fp
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IOPW Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
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